Cap and Andrew Pinkham - Sugarbowl, Certified No. 518

Andrew Pinkham (Certified #518) started working as professional ski patroller in 2000 and is currently the dog program director for the Sugarbowl Avalanche Dog Program. He is also a board member for the County Sheriff's Tahoe Avalanche Dog Team that is made up of dog handlers and avalanche forecasters from Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Sugarbowl, Mt. Rose, Mammoth and the California Highway Patrol. Andrew is working his second avalanche dog "Cap", a nine year old Mcnab collie. Andrew and Cap are validated using the Canadian standard as their certification. Andrew attributes the program's 100% deployment  success rate to the team's commitment to upholding a very strict training standard and working with the most qualified professionals in the avalanche rescue field. When not working at Sugarbowl, Cap is counting the minutes until he gets to put on his vest and go back to work. Andrew can be found exploring the Sierra Nevada range or working as a firefighter/ paramedic. In 2011 Andrew was invited to join the NPS Denali Rescue Patrol as a climbing paramedic on North America's highest peak.

Amber (Frank Marshall, Certified #473) and Cap - Sugarbowl.

Cap and Amber from Sugarbowl

Amber training at Sugarbowl

Frank Marshall (Certified #473) and Amber

Ruby  - Eric Diem's dog working at June Mtn.

Kopa, Hunter, and Spooner, Avi dogs in training at Sierra -at-Tahoe

Khuno, Kopa, Hunter, and Spooner diving to get off the chair.

"Boulder" at Mt. Ashland with CJ Svela

Dr. Snow "Hunter" is a 2.5 year old male Golden Retriever who began training at Sierra At Tahoe in 2013.  With assistance from an APP Scholarship, Hunter and handler, Shannon Maguire, attended the WBR Avalanche Dog School in Utah, 2015.  Hunter was certified as a Mission-Ready Avalanche Rescue Dog at Sierra At Tahoe March, 2015.  Hunter loves running, rolling in the snow, getting belly rubs from Guests at the top of Grand View, Sierra at Tahoe Resort, but most of all, loves when he hears the command, 'Search!'

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