Fellow Patrollers!

Most of us are back into the winter/patrol swing of things. For me it's been a summer of felling 100,s of bug kill hazard trees and summer ops.

We had an awesome technical rope rescue conference at Mt Schweitzer recently. Our very own Robert chaired the event with great results. Many attended and with the help of some of our sponsors (Cascade Rescue and Petzl) have great equipment and expertise to work with. Dana Jordan with Cascade rescue is already talking about being apart of Another One (conference) in the spring.

At our last board of directors face to face board of meeting in Sand Point, we discussed and approved our upcoming MINI CLINICS, locations, and tentative dates. We would ask for you all to check out our website for particulars and geographic locations.

During the fall have been able to sign up more APP SPONSORS!

We have seen a positive growth in our membership. Between our sponsors and membership dues dues we are able to continue offering great clinics, conferences, and scholarships to our members. Please remember that our dues cover between December 31 thru December 31. So please pay your dues now for the next year. It's really easy to do thru our website/Wild Appricot site.

Our web site continues to expand and provide a great venue for staying in tune with changes in the ski industry. There have been a lot of mergers and acquisitions as well as industry initiatives that may affect us as Patrollers. You can see these thru links on website....NSAA, CSIA, NSP, etc. also if you have photos, tips/tricks from your patrol, please share them with the rest of us. We will get them up on our site.

Having recently attending a NSAA Fall Conference, there are some industry wide concerns. The brain drain between older/long term employees (in many disciplines such as lift maintenance, snowmaking, utilities) is causing concern. New qualified millennial employees are becoming harder to find and recruit. We have found this also in patrol. The commitment to go thru all the medical, legal, hill safety can be a bit much. We believe in our organization and think we can assist in some of this training and see ourselves partnering with the NSAA AND CSIA in this regard. The first roll out may occur at our spring clinic...Qualified Climber, first aid/CPR class for ski area employees, etc.

Lots going on and everyone is busy opening our ski areas! Hoping all have a great and safe season!


Rich Bailey

AAP President

China Peak Mountain Resort

Mountain Manager/Ski Patrol Director

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