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Attend FIPS XXI Congress SOCHI

20-27 January 2018

A Unique Lifetime Experience

Several of us went to check out the process, security, Sochi, skiing, and the treatment by the people and

Government. Our treatment was awesome by all. Skiing and Sochi were great – much better than

expected. The process defined below was easy and we all felt more secure/safe than in most American


What is FIPS?  - Click Here for more background

AGENDA FOR MEETING: Click here to see the Meeting Agenda

Staying on the Mountain at Rosa Khutor Resort in the Olympic Village VIP Hotel

Total Cost $1150 Euros

Includes: 7 nights lodging and 8 days lift tickets; breakfast, lunch and dinner; Cocktail hour end of day

sponsored by Member Countries; Free transportation from Sochi Airport to ski area; Government Letter

of Invitation to expedite VISA process; 3 Week VISA to any area in Russia before or after Congress

This event is supported by the Government with Olympic level security and simplified access procedures.

Following are instructions for attendance.

1. Go to link on FIPS website (www.fips-skipatrol.org)

2. Link opens Registration form

3. Fill out form

A. Each person in a family or group must fill out the form.

B. Pay via credit card at time of Registration.

C. One person may pay for multiple people and will receive a voucher receipt.

4. Each person filling out Registration form will receive a personal invitation letter to support their

VISA request.

5. After receipt of invitation letter, make airline reservations.

A. Get airline reservation on airline of your choice to Moscow.

B. Fly Moscow to Sochi on Aeroflot – Excellent airline with round trip about $80 Euros.

Note – If desired this allows a day or two in Moscow to sight see before or after the


6. Go to https://visa.kdmid.ru/PetitionChoice.aspx and fill out Russian VISA form. Pay

attention to the specific instructions. Select “Tourist” as the type of VISA, and 3 Week as the

length of stay. This gives the opportunity to come earlier or stay later.

7. The Embassy wants visitors to use a Courier Service. They insure paperwork is correct and get

priority treatment.

8. After the VISA form is completed, you must submit the form with your Russian language

invitation letter, a copy of your airline flights, your passport and 2 passport photos via Fed Ex to:

Joshua James

6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle, Suite 210E

Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111


720-446- 4994

Mr. James will review and contact you to correct any errors or anything that is missing to ensure when

submitted it is okay. A courier will take the application to the Consulate and then it will be Fed Ex’d

directly to your home when complete—in about 2-3 weeks. Current fees:

Embassy Fee - $128 for regular service

VISA Courier fee $99

Fed Ex to house from Embassy $30

For US patrollers, if you have questions or problems please contact Ed Gassman,

ecgassman@yahoo.com, 970-227- 5451 or Ann Gassman, ann@stone-cpa.com, 970-389- 2645

Click here to see the Meeting Agenda

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