Tips and Tricks from seasoned patrollers

2016-03-15 Offered by David Galson - Sugarbowl Ski Patrol

  1. Always carry spare goggles and gloves in your pack
  2. Attach your crimper to a string and tie the other end of the string to your pack so you don't drop them.
  3. Get your EMT CEU's taken care of early so they do not creep up on you at recertification time
  4. Get a rubber Ski-Gee and attach it to a retractable string so you can easily clear your goggles on storm days without damaging the lenses...
  5. Find a "Beaver Tail" or neoprene butt cover to wear on storm days to keep your seat warm and dry. Wear board shorts under your ski pants to help wick away moisture and make those moments drying out in front of the heater a bit less "exposing".
  6. Make short-cuts on your smart phone's home page for the resort weather report, and the most 
    appropriate weather forecasts from the national weather service and avalanche forecasts from theregional avalanche center, sothey are easy to view while you are eating breakfast.

2016-03-05 Offered by CJ Svela - APP Board member

  1. Even if your not a tele skier, wear knee pads. Doing patient care, de-riming rope lines, and working with equipment, you whack your knees a lot. Preserve them, your going to need them when you get older.
  2. Wear minimal layers as possible for early morning set up. You will sweat a lot. To avoid over heating, I just wear a thin capaline long underwear, a expedition weight capaline top and layer up after the morning duties. You will avoid over sweating and you won't have to take time to come inside to dry off. This will ultimately impress your supervisors and fellow patrollers.
  3. Every other week try to bring in a 12 or 24 pack of beer.

2016-03-04 Offered by Shannon Maguire of Sierra-At-Tahoe resort

  1. Keep a headlamp in your pack, you never know when there will be a night search.
  2. Bring 2 lunches, you'll always be hungry.
  3. Buy an Avalanche dog shirt and wear it proudly!
  4. Tell your spouse you love them every chance you get before and during the season - they'll still feel like a patrol widow, but hopefully they'll put up with never seeing you awake.
  5. 8 pm is not too early for bed.
  6. Ski powder every chance you get, the next dry spell might be too long.
  7. Pay attention to what type of beer your supervisors and mentors like.
  8. Bring in enough clean socks for the whole week on your Monday, you won't have to worry about forgetting socks all week.
  9. Let your feet breathe.
  10. Train hard and go for it!  The more you practice and train, the more enjoyable patrolling will be.

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