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APP Board of Directors

The 2016-2017 APP Board of Directors represents over 270 years of patrolling and over 30 years of Board Experience with APP, NSP, and other Boards.  This experience involves every aspect of patrolling including Area Management, Patrol Director, Backcountry Guides, NSP's Patroller of the Year, National NSP Certified Supervisor, Division Certified Supervisor, Avalanche Control Professionals including Blaster Licenses, training and use of Rescue Dogs, Paramedic, EMT, & OEC Medical Certification, etc.  If there is a patroller activity, someone on the Board has done it.

In addition, your Board has used their management and outdoor experience to contribute to their community and country.  This includes Life Flight, various Mountaineering activities, all areas of Avalanche education, High Altitude Training of Special Forces, Civic organizations, Fire Rescue, etc.  The education of your Board is not as important as actual accomplishments above, but includes various Bachelor Degrees, Masters in Engineering and Business, and Juris Doctorate.

We on the Board thank you for trusting us with the leadership of this great organization
we look forward to implementing
another stellar lineup of events and clinics in this  season. Drop us an email if you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions for the upcoming year.  Many thanks to all who participated in this year's elections, candidates and voters alike!

The Board of Directors is elected by the APP Certified Members at large, with electronic voting open during the General Membership meeting at the Annual Spring clinic and continuing on-line until the end of May.  Each Board Member serves a two-year term, with four members elected on the even years and five elected on the odd years.  After the Board is elected, the Board then selects a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The 2016-2017 Elected APP Board consists of the following Directors:

Role   Name  Bio 
 President:  Rich Bailey

Joined FWPSPA in 1973/Certified in 1973 (#103)

Elected to Board of Directors 1975 (on board since plus or minus 4 years) (FWPSPA AND APP)

Head Judge in every category (FWPSPA AND APP)

Vice President 1983-87 (FWPSPA)

President 1987 -1990 (FWPSPA)

President 2014 to present (APP)

Board of Directors NSPS FWD (Professional Representative) 1987 To Present

Worked as Pro Ski Patrol at China Peak, Mt. Hood Meadows, Snow 

Summit, Sugar Bowl, Sierra Summit, Patrol Exchange at Deer Valley and 


Patrol Director at Sugar Bowl and Sierra Summit

Currently Mountain Manager at China Peak

BS in Forestry/Recreation Management

Worked for Forest Service in Wilderness, Timber Sales Administration, 

Recreation/Naturalist,Silviculture and Ranger Law Enforcement

Owner of  small business in Safety Consulting/Blasting/Timber 


Have two grown Children

Outside interests include:Skiing, Windsurfing, Surfing, and APP !

 Vice President:  Michael Nolen

It has been my privilege to serve on the APP Board since the spring of 2007. I have served as the Criteria Coordinator for all my time on the Board. This last season I worked as the Vice President in addition to my Criteria Coordinator role. 

My focus would be to continue to support our testing areas with lots of training. I feel the Association of Professional Patrollers (APP) is striving to be an NSAA equivalent, representing Ski Patrolling, by supporting "Best Practices” for Patrollers. In addition to Risk Management Forums and Blasting Seminars 

I will work with the Board to bring in Avalanche Education and Tech Rescue Seminars supported by the APP. I will also continue to push for three day Mid-Winter Clinics with one full day devoted to training. 

Spring Clinics will continue to offer training in as many of our nine practical testing areas as possible.  I have had twenty-five years in Ski Patrol at Sierra Summit Mountain Resort. Twenty-three of those years I served as a Ski Patrol Director.

My intentions are always to deliver to the APP membership and to have all Board Members work as a team of nine in that endeavor. I have been honored to serve Patrolling and the APP.

 Treasurer:  Shannon Maguire

My name is Shannon Maguire, and I have been a full-time ski patroller at Sierra At Tahoe since 2007.  Over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in Association of Professional Patrollers clinics and trainings, and achieved an APP full certification this past season.  Throughout this process, I have learned a tremendous amount, and have also gained a deep respect for what the APP provides through education and camaraderie.  I received a scholarship at the 2014 spring clinic, which I used towards attending the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue International Avalanche Dog School this past season with my Avalanche Dog, Hunter.   One of the most valuable experiences APP clinic participation has presented me is the opportunity to meet with other female patrollers and discuss shared challenges in this field.  Discussions this year show a desire for creating an on-hill women’s mini-clinic to be tied to spring clinics.   I would like to work on creating on-hill women’s mini-clinics and increasing female participation in the APP 
 Board Member:  CJ Svela

I have had the opportunity to go around to many of the mid-winter clinics over the last 4 years and meet a lot of you face to face, ski with you, and hopefully help influence your patrol training.

Through the last 4 years, we have undergone many big steps towards providing education, hosting many more clinics, and expanding our membership. With your help, I will help further the APP’s educational goals and meet the needs of our members.

Pro patroller for 15 years. Been involved with app for 14 years. ALS backcountry rescue. Flight paramedic. Professional backcountry avalanche forecaster and specialist-consultant.

 Board Member:  Eric Diem

35 years pro Ski Patroller at Mammoth/June Ski Patrol
29 years pro Ski Patrol Director at June Mountain Ski Area-present
11 years APP member-presently board member
16 years National Ski Patrol member
NSP/OEC technician
2003-2004 Season NSP Pro Patroller of the Year Award
29 years California Avalanche Blasters License
AERIE Level 1 Avalanche certification
1989 National Avalanche School
CARDA (California Avalanche Rescue Dog Alliance) member
NSDA (National Search Dog Alliance)-7 years certified avalanche dog handler (Ruby my black lab)
 Board Member:  David Moore

It is with great humility that I am privileged to serve as the APP’s Secretary and a Board Member. This is a time filled with opportunity in the snow sports industry, and I feel incredibly lucky to help guide this great organization as it shapes the future of professional ski patrolling. I began patrolling 30 years ago and was fortunate enough to be trained by one of the legends of APP, Tom Battenberg. The lessons I learned from him seemed at the time like they were all about skiing and medicine and crazy midnight hikes in storms. Only later in life did I realize that very little of what he taught me only applied on the mountain. Outside of patrolling I became a risk manager, which is essentially the same job, with less blood and better pay! I advise movie studios, concert venues and even ski hills how to keep bad things from happening, and when they do how to deal with it. It's basically the same stuff I learned how to do 30 years ago… I have been actively involved in the management of resorts. I teach rescue medicine. I have certifications in fire rescue, explosives, weapons, hazmat and of course risk management. I can fly a plane, drive a race car and sail a boat 1000 miles with little more than a jug of water and some crackers, but none of that is why I am on the board. I am here to grow this organization. We have more potential for expansion than any project I've ever been involved with. That same knowledge that was passed to me needs to be given to the next generation. It needs to be organized, shaped and disseminated and that is what I'm here to do. If we are not actively cultivating the next generation and expanding our sphere of influence, we are not properly serving our membership, and I am grateful to to have been given the opportunity to help achieve that goal.

 Board Member:  Bob Heflin

29 seasons Pro Patrol experience. Medical Dept Lead for Taos Ski Valley Patrol, patrolled in Chile for a number of years and still do some training and consulting for ski area there. 25+(?) year member of APP, on BOD for over a decade. Committed to ensuring our goals as an educational organization by providing opportunities for scholarship to attend ISSW or NAS, and by providing APP sponsored educational opportunities in the form of RM seminars and Blasting seminars. Looking forward to working with the board to help advance the APP as a resource for patrollers  
 Board Member:  Kieth Tatsukawa
  • Certified number 628
  • 11 year Certified patroller
  • 20 year ski patroller 
  • 10 year NSP Division OEC Supervisor 


I have been an active member of the APP Certified program for the last 14 years and have met the most incredibly skilled and the nicest people on this planet through APP.  At this point in my career, I do have the time, energy and desire to go to the next level of participation with the APP.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with such amazingly talented individuals and now I’d like to give back to the program even a fraction of how it has made me a better patroller and a better person. 

A main goal of mine is to unite and better expose and educate Lake Tahoe ski resorts of the amazing opportunity and value of education and training that the APP Certified program has to offer.  Re-gaining our foothold in resorts such as Squaw Valley, Alpine and Kirkwood would very much benefit the ski industry as well as add credibility to our APP organization. 

Board Member:  Mike Ferrari

This is my 27th year at Mt. Rose. I started out as a ski instructor trying not to teach. After 7 years on the ski school, I transitioned to the Patrol. I became the Assistant Director my second year and then the Director a couple seasons later. This winter marks my 20th on the patrol and my 16th as the director. I have had the privilege at Mt. Rose to plan and open The Chute terrain in 2004/5. I am on the board of directors of the American Avalanche Association serving as the Secretary since 2010. I have had the opportunity to speak at two ISSW's and to be on the organizing committee of the 2010 ISSW held at Squaw Valley serving as the Posters Chair. I feel the APP offers a unique opportunity for patrollers by bringing people together from different areas and offering competency evaluation beyond an individuals home resort. I would like the opportunity to serve on the board to help grow the organization.


In addition, the following individuals have been appointed by the Board as Committee chairs:
 Appointed position  Name  Bio
Retail Branding Eric Diem  
Sponsorships and Fund Raising Dave Alley  
Web Site and Facebook Management, Elections Committee David Galson

 I worked in the computer software industry for 20 years before retiring to participate in ski patrol full time. I have been associated with Sugarbowl Ski Resort for 8 years, starting first in the NSP before moving to the paid staff three years ago. During that time I also served for a season as the patrol director at Royal Gorge Nordic Resort.  I am fully certified with the APP and always appreciate input as to how our IT infrastructure can be improved or updated to better serve the membership and leadership of the organization.
Elections Committee   Bo Yule


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