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We provide education, on-going training, and certification of patrollers supporting leading safety and risk management best practices for the mountain recreational community.




Newsletter update

           As we move into the next chapter of our organization’s history, we have been working all summer on plans to celebrate our past and stabilize our future. Clinics are planned all over the West and our Spring Clinic is going to be in Lake Tahoe this year. Locations and proposed dates are below. We have developed the Avalanche Professional Level 1 Bridge Exam Prep Clinic, which will be similar to our explosives course. This class will prepare attendees to take the new pro level one avalanche bridge exams through the current professional providers. We will debut the course this year in the Pacific Northwest and then roll it out over the next few years across our territories. 

            Let me introduce you to your new Board of Directors: Shannon Maguire, Kari Brandt, Bob Heflin, Hawk Ferenczy, Wally Shank, Ed Gassman, Scott Cordner, Cj Svela, and David Moore. This group has a great work ethic as well as a regional diversity that will help to ensure that all of our members are represented. Additionally, Eric Diem is heading a Board of Advisors. This group is made up of influential members of our organization and industry leaders, with the goal of helping us keep on the cutting edge of the winter sports world.

            By the way, you probably breezed past our new logo. It’s right there up top. It should look very familiar. The logo is an updated version of the traditional Far West logo. It is going to be our official symbol and it will replace the various designs of the last few years. We felt it was a good way to honor our past and keep us grounded to our roots. Speaking of our roots, this organization grew organically out of many individual’s love of ski patrolling. Looking back after 50 years, it gives us a rich history, but it also left us with quite a patchwork of operational guidance. One of our big goals this year is to get under the hood of the organization and standardize our procedures. We are currently revising many of the bylaws for consistency and to bring them up to current standards. You will be asked to vote on these changes once we have a working draft. While most of these changes won't affect your experience with the APP, they will allow us to stay in compliance and smooth our processes. If you have comments about our current bylaws, now is the time to give us your opinion. They can be found on the website under the home tab. Which brings up the website… we have heard from many of you about it. We are all too well aware that it is a bit dated and hasn't been updated in awhile. We are currently working behind the scenes building a whole new website for the APP. This is not easy. Unlike many organizations, our website is not just a marketing tool. It tracks everything from dues to tests and we do not pay an outside organization to manage it. Revising it is a lot more complicated than it seems, however it is also our most important communication tool. You will see it change during this season.

            Dues are going up. I'm sure nobody wants to hear that but it's not much and we need the increase to offset the increase in the cost of expenses. We haven't raised dues in a long time. They are currently $40. After November 1, annual dues will go to $50. However, we wanted to give you a loophole. If you sign-up on the website for auto renew, your dues for this year will still be $40 dollars. If you are already signed up for auto renew you will also only be charged $40. That doesn't give you much time. Do it now and save 10 bucks!

            There is so much more to tell you but we will be sending out regular communications during the season to update you. I also want everyone to feel comfortable contacting me about any concerns or comments you have for the organization. This is a giant collaborative effort and we are just caretakers. Let's make the next 50 years even better than the first!

Be safe,
David Moore

Proposed dates: (snow and management dependent)
Pro 1 Prep Course Mt Hood Timberline - January TBD
Arizona Snowbowl January 10-12
Angelfire Jan 29-30 
Mt Hood Timberline Feb 20-22
Big Bear March 8-10
Spring Clinic April 22-26

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