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We provide education, on-going training, and certification of patrollers supporting leading safety and risk management best practices for the mountain recreational community.

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Bear Valley is seeking candidates for Ski Patroller positions. Click here for details

What I did on my summer "vacation" (or how to get in shape for the upcoming ski season)
by Rich Bailey - President of the APP

What a winter and what a summer. If last winter wasn’t intense (snow wise) this summer was similar down my way. Bark Beetle kill has devastated our trees with up to 40 percent killed. So when David G posed the question to the board about what we all did to get in shape for the following ski season, it was pretty easy for me to respond....Carry a 42 and 36 inch chainsaw around the ski area dropping dead hazard trees. Lots of (Gratefull Dead) trees along the ski lifts, ski runs and near buildings. Then,of course on the days off, gotta love summer time and four ten hour work days, off surfing.

Your APP board has been busy preparing for this next winter season. We have a high angle rescue conference at the end of October at Diamond Peak. We have set up many mid winter clinics throughout the West. Have set up several Avalanche Mitigation conferences as well. We have even established MT. Rose as our next spring certification clinic.

Your organization recently joined an initiative with CSIA (California Ski Industry Association). This initiative has co-sponsored with all California Ski Areas and other industry partners, (Kuhl, PSIA, APP, NSPS, and such) to address many safety issues that affect the skiing/riding public as well as a joint resolution as to what ski areas strive to do to provide safety to our guests. CSIA will again have Operational Clinics next Spring. We (APP) are hoping to be a part of that with high angle rescue, lift evacuation for summer time circumstances, Risk Management, Mini Me first aid/CPR, and such. We are excited to partner up with them on numerous safety initiatives.

We look forward to this upcoming winter and hope that you all had a safe summer and join us this winter in our many conferences and clinics!


Rich Bailey

APP President

Attend the FIPS World Congress in Sochi - Russia

January 20-27, 2018

The Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) is the international organization representing ski patrol and associated ski safety organizations with membership from throughout the world. These patrol and safety organizations comprise full time & volunteer ski patrollers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, technicians, ski equipment instructors, ski area managers, etc., who are involved in the multidisciplinary activities of ski patrolling and safety.  Read more about the event and how to register here

BCA Candidate of the Clinic - Mammoth Mountain April 2017

Shane Wakefield from June Mountain completed the most disciplines with the highest scores of anyone else in the clinic.  For that accomplishment he was awarded the BCA " Candidate of the Clinic" award and received a BCA Float airbag as a recognition of a job well done. Congratulations Shane! Eric Diem - Patrol Director June Mountain, hand delivered the prize.

Election for 2017-2018 Board of Directors has been completed!

We have completed the on-line election process for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors and are happy to announce that the following individuals will be serving on the board for this upcoming season:

Newly Elected/Re-elected:
Mike Nolen
Shannon Maguire
Bob Heflin
David Galson
Scott Cordner

Returning to the Board to complete their 2-year terms are:
Rich Bailey
Eric Diem
David Moore
Mike Ferrari

Thanks to all of you who reviewed the candidate statements and cast a vote. Your input is valuable to us! Please contact any one of the Board members if you have suggestions or comment for the APP to consider moving forward.

Making Plans for next season - We are working on plans for 4-5 mid-winter clinics for the 2017-2018 season as well as  a spring clinic for 2018! Look for clinics at the following locations!

Arizona Snowbowl (date to be determined)

Sierra At Tahoe – tentatively February 6, 7 and 8, 2018

Red River, New Mexico – tentatively February 27, 28 and March 1, 2018 OR March 6, 7, and 8, 2018

Mt. Bachelor (Date to be determined)

Blasting Seminar at Mammoth Mountain followed by a Two Day Mid-Winter Clinic at June Mountain. (dates to be determined)

Our Spring Clinic is tentatively slated for Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe - last week of April 2018

Spring Clinic Completed Sucessfully (April 24,25,26,27,28) 

We had a great spring clinic at Mammoth - the skiing conditions the 2nd half of the week were epic. 68 people signed in as participants for the clinic. 28 Participants attended the Risk Management Forum on Monday, April 24th. 54 Practical tests were administered.  Two patrollers achieved Full Certification. ( Read More...)

New fund raising vehicle for the APP

If you shop on Amazon.com, and you also wish to support the APP, we have enrolled in an exiting new program to allow you to do BOTH at no additional expense to you.  If you use the link at the right to jump to the Amazon shopping site, they will donate 0.5% of any eligible purchase right to the APP's bank account.  Same familiar Amazon web site, same familiar Amazon vendors, same Amazon pricing, same Amazon shipping and customer service, BUT, the difference is that Amazon will make donations to us in the process.  Use this link for ALL your Amazon purchases!

"Respecting weather and Certified Testing" - A Message from APP Vice President Michael Nolen:  

I feel every Patroller in our organization has some awareness of the winter this year in the west. If not, you are not getting out to your ski resorts. My personal experience is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I live and work in the Sierra’s and have experienced a lot of this winter first hand. Having lived at the 7,500 foot elevation for nearly 30 years I have my own rating system for this season compared to others. In the area where I live and work there has been somewhere around 30 feet of snow. Not uncommon looking back on my time in the Sierra’s. What is uncommon is that there has been an estimated 20 inches of rain since December. If all the rain fell as snow we could be around 50 feet of snow for the winter to date. (Read More of Mike's article...)

Work Opportunities

Click here to review classified ads for ski patrol positions available.  Timberline in particular has year round ski patrollers, but other resorts will start to post for bike patrols too. 

Digging in the snow

There is a lot to be said about digging in the snow to analyze the pack and observing stability. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and their own techniques and tricks. A good habit to start with prior to sticking your head in the snow: analyze the weather, make observations on the drive up to the mountain, and maintain knowledge of the season’s snowfall and weather. (Read more on this subject from CJ Svela, APP Board Member )

2017 Mid-Winter Clinic Wrap-Ups

Clinic Reports

Snow Summit, CA (March 2,3, 4) 

Founded in 1948, Snow Summit is Southern California’s first-generation family ski and snowboard resort. With over 240 acres of skiable terrain and 31 trails completely covered by our state-of-the–art snowmaking system, Snow Summit is where SoCal has come to depend on for the most reliable, consistent conditions from year to year. With one of the largest Learning Area’s in Southern California and a brand new facility designed for first time visitors, Snow Summit teaches people to ski and ride everyday. Our professionally certified instructors will make learning a new sport and new skills fun and natural with a teaching progression that builds on existing skills and balance. Our Night Skiing sessions, Tube Park, family-friendly eateries make Summit Southern California’s true ski resort destination, fit for all ages.  Click here for more clinic details

Timberline, OR - (Feb 8,9,10) - Clinic Summary

We had a very productive clinic. 14 active candidates from Mt Bachelor, Timberline, Steven’s Pass, and Lookout Mtn. were in attendance.  We had 10 judges on top of that.

Written Tests: Out of 41 written tests given, 31 certified and moved on to the practical.

Practical Tests: 32 tests given, 24 certified in their tests.

Mt Bachelor’s Dustin Balderach has achieved full APP Certified Patroller Status.

Arizona Snow Bowl (Feb 3,4, and 5)- Everyone's perception of Arizona is colored by the Grand Canyon. It has fueled America's vision of the desert Southwest since it was first discovered. What all those countless family photographs on the rim fail to show is the view in the other direction. As people smile for the camera with the canyon at their back, they are looking directly into an alpine forest. Rising out of that forest is a massive 12,633 foot volcano called Humphreys Peak, and on its slopes sits one of the most surprising ski resorts in the country, Arizona Snowbowl. (Read More...)

New APP Certification Levels in the works...

Changes are Coming to APP Certification Levels!

Happy New Year, APP! This is the time of year when most people put some effort into assessing where they have been and planning for the future. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It is sound advice for an organization as well. We have been thinking a lot lately about how the APP can do more to serve the entire patrol community and not just the elite of our profession. After 49 years of accumulating knowledge, we have become very good at training the highest level of responders. But upon reflection, we can do a better job of providing our information to the newer members of our profession. To that end, we are making some significant changes to our testing programs. ( Read More... )

FIPS -  Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski

The Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) is the international organisation representing ski patrol and associated ski safety organisations with membership from throughout the world. These patrol and safety organisations comprise full time & volunteer ski patrollers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, technicians, ski equipment instructors, ski area managers, etc., who are involved in the multidisciplinary activities of ski patrolling and safety. ( Click here to read more )

American Avalanche Association Pro Training Program Update: Progress Report and a Call for Engagement

By Michael Ferrari, AAA Treasurer, APP Board Member

This fall will be three years since the American Avalanche Association (AAA) hosted an informal avalanche education summit in Alta, UT on Halloween 2013 (see The Avalanche Review 32.2, December 2013, p. 6). This meeting brought together representatives from across the avalanche industry to discuss the state of avalanche education opportunities for both professionals and recreationists in the United States. (Read More...)

Educational Scholarship - One of APP's primary goals is to provide education and on-going training to the professional ski patrol community. We raise funds through membership fees and donations. Each year we award scholarships to a small number of applicants so they can attend some event that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Please fill out this application as completely as you can especially focusing on WHY you should get this scholarship. We'll be in touch. Be sure to let us know the DEADLINE by which you need a response. Applications are now being accepted. Click here to complete an application. Deadline is September 1st.

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There will be updated APP SWAG at the Spring clinic for sale - then afterwards at the on-line store! Hats $20, Shirts $40.


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